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a/n: Told y’all I’d get the next chapter written/posted this weekend. :)

Gail drew the curtains in the main room of the two bedroom suite, shutting out the outside world. It was late—or early depending on how you looked at it—and they were both exhausted. But neither wanted to sleep. They were too on edge.

"I’m so glad I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow," Holly said, flopping down onto the plush couch. "You?"

"Nope," Gail said. "That’s the beauty of special assignment. No desk duty." She sat on the edge of the armchair and leaned down to untie her boots and pull them off, dropping them to the side of the chair. Then she leaned back and rubbed her tired eyes.

"Oh, I see how it is," Holly said with a small laugh. "You’re just using me to get out of boring desk duty."

Gail grinned. “You caught me,” she said. Then she yawned. “I’m tired but don’t want to sleep.”

"I don’t think I could sleep right now," Holly said, voice slightly uneven.

Gail nodded in agreement. “Adrenaline is still pumping.”

"Want to order a movie or something? Or we could talk."

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Love this update!

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carmatt1969 inquired:

I love anything Gail x Holly AU meeting Gail goes to her first lesbian bar out town then hooks up with Holly who later shows up working in Toronto. Awkward but they do acknowledge each other happily.


Gail pulls open the door and as the warmth of the thumping music washes over her she knows she’s made the right decision. Toronto has been making her restless and feeling down. She needs a break and some time to herself.

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Holly & Gail- "Are you fucking kidding me?"
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Officer Lunchbox "are you flirting with me?" :) Please and thank you!


"Are you flirting with me, rookie?" Holly said loudly into the hubbub of The Penny. 

Conversations came to a grinding halt. Heads turned, faces quickly paled. The more stoic, aged cops began to exchange money. Bets whispered in lines around the bar. The younger, more fearful of cops gripped onto one another’s arms for support. This could only end badly. All watched with the same shared morbid curiosity. 

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Happy 31st Birthday Charlotte Sullivan!

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Happy 31st birthday, Charlotte Sullivan!

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Here's a Golly prompt for you: "Wait right there, don’t move!"


"Stop!" Holly said to Gail, searching in her bag for her camera. "Wait right there," she continued, . "Don’t move!"

"What are you doing?" Then Gail spotted the little device and shook her head quickly, backing away. "Uh-uh. No way."

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Happy birthday Trouble!


Happy birthday Trouble!

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For the anon who asked, here are some close ups.

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